jason brindel :: walled in :: photography in abstract
Photography can be many things. To some it is a form of expression, to others a means of documentation. To me it is both. While I believe it is necessary to record what happens in the world around us in a manner that represents the action and inaction in our lives, I also say we should not forget the beauty. The beauty which often finds itself in the most unusual places.

The world changes every day and will continue to change whether we like it or not. In an attempt to capture the human and environmental condition of our time I look at the world hard. I try to see things in ways not ordinarily perceived. I fail often and succeed now and then, but that is a statement I leave up to you, the viewer. It is you, afterall, that I make pictures for. Your reaction is the end result in a series of actions. It begins with the moment of recognition, when something is noticed and is suddenly set apart from everything else. It is followed by a technical assessment and aesthetic evaluation, which culminates with the shutter release. In the darkroom the image which was first conceived in the mind's eye is laid out on paper, and the product is something which I hope will convey the emotion felt at the moment of recognition.

You be the judge.
Jason Brindel