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jason brindel
artist statement
born 1967

Jason Brindel grew up in Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan, where he studied Political Science and photography (1986-90). Images by Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Aaron Siskend, W. Eugene Smith, and other photography masters had a powerful effect on him early on and were instrumental in developing his sense of seeing.

In 1996, at a time when his interest gravitated more towards documentary photography, he joined a group of like-minded friends on a program known as GlobaLearn. GlobaLearn documented the lives of children around the world and gave Jason the opportunity to travel through all parts of the globe. For the next four years he photographed a wide range of documentary subjects as the team's expedition photographer, enabling him to refine his craft and develop his skills with both film and digital cameras.

In late 1999 he set out on his own, and to inaugurate this career move he departed to explore the American landscape with several cameras in a Volkswagon camper. Attracted primarily to barren, natural settings he found himself spending most of his time in the National Parks and other protected areas. Drawing inspiration from places such as Badlands National Park, Death Valley National Park, and Monument Valley, he began to see certain qualities in abstract details he had not noticed before. This was the beginning of a new love affair with abstract photography.